Take Me Away by Aneeta Pearson


I vividly remember that day. Recess was over and it was time to time to settle down and read. Most of my fellow classmates groaned in agony, dismayed that thirty minutes of reading time was at hand. However, I could not wait to read a new Goosebumps classic I checked out from my school library. I quickly gulped down some water, sat at my desk, and dove in. The classroom was completely silent . . . at least to me. For a split second, I looked up. I saw my teacher smiling at me with a look of approval and astonishment while settling her students down.

I love books. Reading is as exciting for me as football for a die-hard fan. I prepared for my trips to the library days beforehand, eagerly anticipating my favorite author’s newest releases. My love for reading-transported me to a mental utopia. Reading took me to a place where I was free to imagine and explore. Checking out fifteen books at a time was innate. Walking home from the library for two miles was dreadful but my reward awaited me. A book a day, repeat.

Photo Credit: Comfreak, Pixabay, License: CC Public Domain

Lillia’s Diary: The Bereavement available on amazon.com


Author: Aneeta Pearson

"Never stop believing."

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