Life by Aneeta Pearson


I lost a loved one last year. The unexpected death of my loved one hit me hard. Really hard. It was a reminder that life is short, no matter how you look at it. While saying my last goodbye, I could not help to think about my life. My moment of self-reflection included an array of questions as a born-again Christian: Have I forgiven others? Am I living my life pleasing to God? Did I say I love you?

The ‘realness’ of death shook me to my core. I still remember how cold my loved one’s body felt to this day. From that day forth, I decided to be quick to apologize, quick to forgive and live life to the fullest in Christ every day. Thankfully my loved one accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, therefore, I am at peace that I will see my loved one again in Heaven one day.

Photo Credit: Free-Photos, Pixabay, License: CC Public Domain

Lillia’s Diary: The Bereavement available on


Author: Aneeta Pearson

"Never stop believing."

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