I Believe (my story) by Aneeta Pearson


I am not ashamed of my faith. I am a born-again Christian. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior many years ago. I believe Jesus was born of a virgin, died, and resurrected after three days. I believe in the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I believe to go to Heaven, I must repent of my sins and place my faith in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior (Romans 10:9, NIV).

I chose to believe in God for a number of reasons. First, till now, scientists cannot explain the origin of complexities of the universe or creation for that matter. Every answer remains a theory. (Genesis 1, NIV) states how creation began. Second, it deeply moved me that God loves me and wants a relationship with me before I knew about Him while in sin (1 John 4:19, NIV). Third, I did not want to chance going to Hell if it exists (John 14:6, NIV; Matthew 13:42, NIV). Last, the personal testimonies of new born-again Christians about how Jesus changed their lives was encouraging.

I will not worship, nor believe in a creation made by man. No man can create God. If so, how? (Psalm 90:1-4, NIV). No man can definitively explain all His creation (Ecclesiastes 3:11, NIV). It is by faith I believe (John 3:16, NIV). I treasure my relationship with Jesus. The constant transformation in my life is evidence that He is at work. I am grateful for His promises and everlasting love.

If  there is a small chance that God is not real; I am living the best time of my life believing I am loved, forgiven, free, and at peace. People ask me, “What if God isn’t real?”  I say, “Well, what if He is?”

Photo Credit: Geralt, Pixabay, License: CC Public Domain

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Author: Aneeta Pearson

"Never stop believing."

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