The Three D’s by Aneeta Pearson


Is the cover design odd? Is the title strange? Don’t judge a book by its cover-literally. Give it a chance. What awaits might surprise you. Here are The Three D’s below.

DON’T-Be overcritical. Check out the author, read the description and a couple of pages.

DO-Give the author a chance to win you over. The author put time, heart, and soul into that book in your hand, or online, and believed it was worth publishing for the world to read.

DO-Tell your friends, family, and coworkers about the book-be candid. In addition, submit a customer review. Hopefully, the author will appreciate the honest feedback.

Happy reading!

Photo Credit: Dietericho1, Pixabay, License: CC Public Domain

Lillia’s Diary: The Bereavement available on


Author: Aneeta Pearson

"Never stop believing."

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